It takes a collaborated effort with learners to create a cell phone policy that can be effectively applied in the classroom. The policy needs to take into account complicated lives of adult learners and be respectful to each other. Studies have shown that there are negative impacts to an open cell phone policy.

"Research has indicated that student performance is significantly correlated with cell phone use. A study by Duncan, Hoekstra, and Wilcox (2012) demonstrated that students who reported regular cell phone use in class showed an average negative grade difference of 0.36 ± 0.08 on a four-point scale. Students also underestimated the number of times they accessed their phones while in class. While students reported an average access rate of three times per class period, observation data showed the rate was closer to seven times per period. An interesting finding is that other students are distracted when students text in class (Tindell and Bohlander, 2012). So while a student may claim he’s only hurting himself when texting, studies show that others are affected also."


09/04/2015 10:20am

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11/30/2015 2:37am

With regards to cell phone policy, as educated people, we should know the appropriate time to use our cell phones. We do not need this policies to know how to use our phones properly. As students, we are in class to listen to our teachers. So I do not understand why some students would use their phones while in class. Just go out of the classroom if you will just use your phone while having class. It is the same with people who are working, If it is during working hours, do not use your phone for private matters,. You can do that during your break.

02/20/2016 4:32am

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06/12/2016 11:46pm

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07/19/2016 9:47pm

Are other students really distracted when students text in class? Really?

10/24/2016 12:07pm

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