I started using a class Facebook page to experiment with students getting live updates as a way to create greater engagement and to take the technology outside the classroom in a heavy content filled Business class. So far I have been posting pre-class reading material to the home page wall. I could have used our LMS - D2L, but the idea of the Facebook page was to create engagement not necessarily more to-do's. The LMS acts as a MUST-DO assignment area. The Facebook page acts as a fun - wouldn't it be great to know dumping grounds.  Engagement has been slow from students but I can see it starting to develop into a great resource area for all.
Our class site is private, available only by invitation. This ensures are safe learning environment. During class, items requiring further exploration will get more resources posted on the Facebook page.


10/09/2016 11:35pm

Facebook is the largest social media site which provide many live updates and provide all kind of news and tips but I think you have to do best work for make a facebook page of broadcast tools. It will be give you many benefits when you get thousands of likes. Happy thanks for sharing this post with us.

11/04/2016 5:01am

Well, it's a good idea indeed! I think there are some tools which will be more handy.


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